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The Product Process Of Wig Production

Aug 26, 2015

The first step: feeding: The raw material according to customer requirements to distinguish grades

The second step: double needle: The raw material of each size is mixed evenly, needles together, convenient dyeing, dyeing more


Step 3: Excessive acid treatment (hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid), to dirt, to keep the hair smooth. Hydrochloric acid decontamination, sulfate to scale

Step 4: Lafa: Bubble Hair straighten, and then shoot into a very neat head.

Step 5: Divide: Divide into the semi-finished products by weight. Shun hair now to get the inverted root machine upside down,

Step 6: Three connecting machine or deep processing: departure curtain, or glue.

Step 7: post-processing eighth step: packaging.

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