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The Grooming And Maintenance Of Wigs

May 03, 2012

1. Try not to close to the high temperature, because the material relationship wig is not resistant to high temperature (except specifically marked as high temperature silk);

2. Chemical fiber wigs can not be dyed, if need pruning can be asked professional stylist trim finishing hairstyle;

3. Comb action to light. Wigs should be combed before use, wear fake hair after a slight comb can be. Comb wigs generally choose a relatively sparse comb for good, comb the wig to use oblique side carding method, not straight comb, and the action to light;

4. Do not use hairpin. In order to prevent the wind from blowing fake hair, some people like to use hairpin to clamp the wig. However, the clip can not be too exert. Otherwise, it is easy to hook up the bad wig's mesh sleeve. Therefore, it is best not to use hairpin, can use decorative hair in the wig to put the hair fixed;

5. In the process of finishing and wearing a small amount of hair fall is normal phenomenon;

6. Usually not wearing on the original packaging, to take the time to shake the light to restore it;

7. Wigs can be tied up, just can't tie too high or the bottom of their own real hair will run out oh;

8. A long wig comb when you want to divide a few segments of the wig, from the bottom to comb, must be light, to be patient;

9. If the wig used long knot not good comb, do not pull hard, should spray the wig special non-oily maintenance liquid then slowly carefully geographical open;

10. Pay attention not to the wig spray gel water, wax such as true use of stereotypes such as hair will make wigs become sticky;

11. Use of the wig-specific non-oily maintenance solution (using the method is also simple: gently sprayed a few before the wig can) make a wig to become supple and bright and prevent static, so that the wig keep moist state just like just bought back when the same!

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