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Classification Of Wig Materials

Nov 17, 2016

Man Hair: The most used in the market is China, India, Brazil, Europe,

A. China: China hair is the current production of wig raw materials the largest amount of hair, China's population, the hair is more rigid, after acid treatment can dye, decorate the head can do the modelling. In the United States and Europe are more popular.

B. India Hair: India hair is more soft, hair is not China straight, there are small wave volumes, hair chemical processing easily broken, plasticity is not strong.

C. Europe: Europe's color is relatively close to the local consumer market, is the most expensive raw materials, Europe, the hair is more soft, not suitable for dyeing and post-processing, directly for the more than the hair.

D. Chemical fiber: Chemical fiber silk is a supplement to human hair raw materials, chemical fiber is divided into low temperature silk, high temperature silk and protein silk

Low temperature wire: Low temperature silk for human hair curtain a filler, low temperature silk can be heated in 80 degrees to remain unchanged, the advantage of low temperature silk is can do some exaggeration, support high-strength modelling, reduce the raw material costs of hair curtain. The disadvantage of low temperature silk is flammable material, after combustion to form a block.

High temperature silk: high temperature silk can be heated in 200 degrees to remain unchanged, the advantage of high-temperature silk is free hot straight hot coil, feel comfortable, wearing more natural. The length of 80cm above recommended high temperature silk, this wig easily deformed high temperature silk recovery, and low temperature silk is harder.

Protein Silk: Is the most close to human hair raw materials, feel the closest to people hair, commonly used in high-end wig products to do fillers, and can be burned after automatic flame retardant, in many countries in the product limitations, clear requirements, fake hair can flame retardant, many countries have occurred in the tragedy caused by the burning of wigs

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