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What's the Difference between Human Hair Grades- 7A 8A 9A 10A ?

Jul 12, 2017

As we all know, the different factory has a different quality standard to define different hair grade so that there are too many different price range and quality. Even some suppliers use low-quality hair as high-grade hair. so we should see hair quality first rather than regarding their hair grade as important only.

For our factory, we also have a standard about the hair grade. 

5A: Non-Remy hair, suitable for low-class market.

6A: Remy hair, and cuticle towards the same direction.

6A+: Thicker hair than 6A at the bottom, that means 6A has more short hair mixed in the bundle

7A: Same quality as 6A, and 6A+, but thicker hair than 6A and 6a+

7A+: Same quality as above hair, but very slightly short hair in the bundles.

8A: Virgin human hair just from one head

9A:Virgin human hair just from one head, but better quality than 8A.

From the above, we can see it is really different between the grades, so when people need to purchase hair extensions, they should see hair quality first instead of just focusing on the grades.


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