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The third of the Wig maintenance

Jan 17, 2013

1. Do not be heavy. Wigs should be combed before use, wear fake hair after a slight comb can be. Comb wigs generally choose a relatively sparse comb for good, comb the wig to use oblique side carding method, not straight comb, and light action.

2. Do not use hairpin. In order to prevent the wind from blowing fake hair, some people like to use hairpin to clamp the wig. However, the clip can not be too exert. Otherwise, it is easy to hook up the bad wig's mesh sleeve. Therefore, it is best not to use hairpin, can be used in wigs on decorative hair belt to fix the hair.

3. Don't rub it with hands when washing. Often worn hair, usually two or three months washing is advisable. Before washing, combing the wig with a comb, and then combing with diluted hair conditioner solution. Cut can not be rubbed with both hands, but also not to soak the wig in the washing liquid. And the application of the hands gently in the direction of the hair drift net above foam, then dry, avoid in the sun exposure.

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