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How to wash hair for a wig

May 09, 2014

A good wig will make you disappointed. High heels help you find a set of cleaning wigs trick, to ensure that your wig can be used for a long time, regardless of which level it belongs to Yo!

1 Comb the wig with a wig (antistatic) comb;

2. Soak the wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time is too long, hair is easy to fall off;

3. Hand washing, cannot use washing machine.

4. The choice of two in one shampoo, avoid rubbing hard, with a hand gently grasping a hair can be;

5. Wash clean with water;

6. Use a dry towel (2-3 blocks) to suck the water on the wig, and must not be screwed or dried by the washing machine;

7. Naturally air-dry, avoid drying;

8. When the wig dried up to 90%, gently grabbed a hair by hand, and then use the wig special comb to comb the wig;

9. For washing wigs, if you do not need to wear often, also should spray one points (not more than spray) eruption oil;

10. When the wig is completely dried, use hair nets to wash the wig set, mounted in a good breathable plastic bags (small circular holes in the bag), if there is no such bags, can also be loaded into ordinary plastic bags, with a needle to wear a few holes in the bag;

11. The washed wig should be kept in a dry place.

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