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Distinguish the wig material so simple

Oct 03, 2016

1. Human hair, this needless to say, the use of the period can be over 8 years. Can treat oneself hair that casually treats ... | Of course, the price is also the most expensive one (ordinary all thousands of the current price)

2.K7, one of Kanikalen silk. But because the hair is excellent. In addition to dyeing, the same can be treated like a human hair ... (is the Acura silk after the human hair.) If distinguished: is a look at the feel, two look elastic, three look at the smoothness, you should look at the TV of the kind of shampoo ads bar. Just like that, you can go to the ravages of you. It can then be used in half an hour (by length, volume straightness). Of course, the Prince like short hair, dozen do not have to take care of the mess in the same way. The use period is about 1-2 years.

3. Kanikalen, hair is also very good. Absolutely a comb in the end. There is no elasticity in the hair. You can also arbitrarily let you go to the ravages. It's only shorter than the K7 period. 1 years ~1 and half. Look at your level of care. Of course, if you buy a new, you pull AH ~ ~ ~ pulled, draped. The hair is all dressed up again, even a day can not use, is not the fault of wigs ah ... ... (I've spent one years on my own)

4. Silk, hair is also good, of course, if the real day silk. Just too long (80cmThe above day silk is not good care. Life expectancy is shorter. (The general brand is Japanese silk)

5. Han Si. Hair is also good, of course, if genuine Han silk. Just too long (60cm above) is not good care. Life expectancy is shorter.

6.PP Silk, absolutely Lahan. Feel, touch the hair. Not comb is touch. Hand feels not slippery (some also have slippery, but very few.) Do not slip the feeling like, usually wash the head, after using the shampoo without the oil, and then in the washing clean, hand to touch hair when the kind of dry feeling. It is easy to mess. Without you to comb, the new useless wig will mess. When picking up a wig, there is no sensation in the hair. In carding, difficult to comb, easy knot. Of course。 PP Silk only collectively, also has the pros and cons, good or can be used. Bad, is the hair thick rough. And some even comb the mess. Insufficient hair strength. A pull is broken. A variety of points! The life span is absolutely within six months. There is a long short to see is good pp silk or poor pp silk!

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