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Classification of wigs

Mar 11, 2015

Wig belongs to the manufacturing industry in the hair products industries, hair products Industry part: Craft Clockwork, men's hair block, ladies wigs, teaching head, chemical fiber hair, wigs from the ingredients: human hair, chemical fiber, human hair mixed with chemical fiber
by material

According to the material is divided into chemical fiber silk and real hair. Chemical fiber silk wig is made of chemical fiber, fidelity is poor, wearing an itch after the feeling, easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap, stereotypes lasting; the wig of real hair is the choice of the innocent people made of processing hair, its fidelity is high, not easy knot, can be baked, dyed, hot, easy to change hairstyle, high price, qualitative effect is not too good.

By area

By area: fake hair and wig tablets. Fake hair is the whole belt on the head of the wig, wearing easy, firm, covering a wide range of applications. Wig tablets can be customized according to different needs to different shapes, different sizes of wigs, arbitrary, high fidelity, good ventilation.

By production method

Knitting and hand Gou Fa by the method of production extension. Woven hair is made of machine. General production, low prices, but the authenticity is not ideal, more sink, breathable poor hair follicles easily blocked, easy to tie. Hand Gou Fa is purely manual hook, fidelity, high permeability, comfortable wearing, but higher prices.

From the craft point

From the craft points: the whole hand weaving, the whole mechanism hair, the semi mechanism hair, the whole lace hair, the Jewish wig, the front lace hair, the hair block, the lace wig.

Use points

Human wearing, models with wigs, doll hair, cartoon wigs, festive wigs, role-playing.

From sex

Men's wigs, ladies wigs

From the length of point

Long hair, long hair, short hair.

From product points

Full-head simulation hair, half-head simulation hair, head hair, bangs, Mawei and other modelling

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